Company Overview

1. Who makes AireCenter, AireTalk and other Aire products?

Pingshow, Inc is an innovative startup company in Silicon Valley, CA that develops leading mobile communication SW and HW solutions that enrich people’s lifestyle. Pingshow currently has three product lines:

  • AireTalk: An advanced mobile communication app for iOS/Android/Windows mobile devices
  • AireCenter: A smart Home Gateway and the next generation of OTT Media player
  • AireWebcall: An online “Click-to-Call” for small business and enterprise

2. When was PingShow founded and its current organization?

PingShow was founded in 2011 with HQ in Cupertino, CA, USA and R&D centers in Beijing, China, and Taiwan.

AireCenter AC100 Overview

1. How does the AC100 compare to conventional OTT media players?

AireCenter AC100 is the next generation of the OTT media player for smart home. It offers all the leading features of a high-end OTT media player on the market plus features such as global communication, video conference, home security, file sharing, and a home private cloud.

2. What are the benefits of using the AC100?

The AC100 converts your home HD TV into a smart hub for your family. It integrates communication, security, information and entertainment into your daily life.

3. How do I connect my AC100 to my HDTV?

Please refer to the Quickstart Guide included in your AC100 package, or view online instructions in our online manual.

4. Do I need to register to use the AC100?

Yes, you need to register and join AireTalk in order to use the AC100's communication and security features.

5. Do I need a microphone to make phone calls through the AC100?

No, you don't need a microphone to make a phone call. The AC100 has a built-in, high-definition microphone.

6. How do I make domestic and international phone/video calls through the AC100?

First, open the AireTalk app in the AC100.

  • — To make a phone call to an AireTalk friend, see the Call section in our online manual.
  • — To make a video call to an AireTalk friend, see the Video Call section in our online manual.
  • — To make a phone call to a landline or mobile number outside of the AireTalk network, see the AireCall section in our online manual.

7. Are all the calls through the AC100 free of charge?

All calls within the AireTalk network are free of charge. Calls using AireCall to outside landline or mobile numbers are charged on a rate-per-minute basis.

8. Why is there no media content in the AC100? How do I watch TV shows and movies?

The AC100 is just like any Android tablet that allows you to download a streaming app, such as Netflix or Hulu, from the Google Play store in the Apps section. From those apps you can watch TV shows and movies.

9. How do I download an app in the AC100?

Refer to the Quickstart Guide in your package, or see the Apps section in our online manual.

10. What other apps are compatible with the AC100?

The AC100 can be paired with the AireShare app and AireRemote app. Both are available for download from the Google Play store or the iOS App Store.

11. What is AireShare?

AireShare is a mobile phone app that allows you to push content from your mobile device or laptop to your television screen via AireCenter. Content you can push to the screen includes pictures, videos, movies, and web browsers.

12. What is AireRemote?

AireRemote is a mobile phone app that turns your mobile device into a remote control for AireCenter. It allows you to control the volume on your television, open/close AireTalk, and acts as a mouse, remote control, keyboard, or fly mouse.


1. What is AireTalk?

AireTalk is PingShow’s software that provides communication ability to all its products, including the AireTalk app, AireCenter, and AireWebcall. With AireTalk, users can connect with each other via text message, voice call, video call, walkie talkie, file transfer, location sharing, conference call and more, at no cost.

2. What is AireCall?

AireCall allows you to call any landline or mobile phone number worldwide through the AireTalk app. As long as you are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi and have calling credits you can make clear, HD voice calls from the app to any phone number.

3. How do I make a call from AireCall?

To make a call from AireCall, see the AireCall section in our online manual.

4. How do I look up country rates in AireCall?

Look up country rates in AireCall, see the AireCall section in our online manual.

5. How do I purchase AireCall credits?

To purchase AireCall credits, see the AireCall account section in our online manual.

6. When I purchase AireCall credits, is there additional service charge or tax?

No, there is no additional fee or tax. The price you see is the price you pay.

7. How do I find and add friends in AireTalk?

To find and add friends in AireTalk, see the Add Friends section in our online manual.

8. Can I use AireTalk if I don't have any friends?

AireTalk is most useful if you have friends to communicate with. Most features in AireTalk require at least one friend. However, if you plan to use AireCall to call outside landline or mobile numbers, you don’t need to have friends to use that feature.

9. How do I delete/block friends in AireTalk?

To delete a friend, see the Delete Friend section in our online manual.

To block a friend, see the Block Friend section in our online manual.


1. What are the features and benefits of using AireSecurity?

AireSecurity Features

  • — Sound and motion detection
  • — Text message alerts of any suspicious activity while you are away
  • — Image notifications sent straight to your mobile phone via AireTalk
  • — Voice call notifications of any suspicious activity
  • — Records and stores security videos
  • — Easy to retrieve or email security footage
  • — Add up to 5 AireTalk friends to receive security alerts


  • — Feel safe knowing AireSecurity is watching your house 24/7
  • — Receive instant notifications of breaches
  • — View recorded security footage at later times
  • — Spend less on security services, as AireSecurity costs less than traditional home security systems.

2. Is AireSecurity free of charge?

AireSecurity is free of charge for the first three months. After the three-month trial period, AireSecurity costs $7.95 per month for one camera, or $79.00 per year.

3. Does AireSecurity call 911 if there is a breach in security?

No, AireSecurity does not call 911 if there is a security breach. It is the owner’s responsibility to report all security breaches to the police.

4. How do I activate AireSecurity?

AireSecurity is automatically activated when you register for AireTalk in AireCenter.

5. Does AireSecurity work if AireCenter is off?

No, AireCenter must be on or in standby mode for AireSecurity to work.

6. How many cameras can AireSecutiy support?

AC100 currently supports one camera that is built into the AC100 device.

7. How do I send security videos to an external device, such as my tablet or smart phone?

Currently, you can email security footage to yourself or others. We do not support transferring footage to external devices.

8. How do I retrieve security footage from AireCenter?

Security footage can be retrieved from AireCenter by going into the Security app and going to the History tab. From there, you can download the footage to your AireCenter device or an external USB/hard drive.

9. Does AireSecurity need AireCall credits to send warning messages to my contacts?

No, you don’t need to purchase credits for AireSecurity to send warning messages to your mobile device. It is included with the service.

10. Does the security service ever expire? How do I renew my service?

AireSecurity runs on a monthly or annual subscription basis. It automatically renews your subscription every month or year depending on which subscription plan you have chosen unless you call our customer support line to cancel your service.

11. How do I disable the security service?

To disable or cancel AireSecurity, please call 408-599-3030.

12. What is the different between "stop security service" and "disable security service?"

"Stop security service" means to stop AireSecurity from surveying your home/office. When in stop mode, AireSecurity will not send you notifications of any breach in security. "Disable security service" means to unsubscribe from the service. You will not be able to start or stop AireSecurity one the security service is disabled.

Technical Questions

1. If I have a technical issue, whom do I contact?

Please call 408-599-3030, or go to to find the solution.

2. If my AC100 box breaks, what should I do?

Please go to and fill out the Technical Issue form. Someone from PingShow will respond via email within 24 hours. If it is an emergency, call 408-599-3030.

3. If my AC100 box or AireTalk freezes, what should I do?

Please reboot the box by disconnecting the power adapter, wait for a minute, and reconnect the box again. The AC100 should automatically power up.

4. What is the camera’s resolution in AC100?

The AC100 camera comes with a 5 megapixel lens.

5. How many FPS (frames per second) is the video call?

The AC100 will adjust the FPS automatically during a video call. Depending on network speed and screen resolution, the FPS should be between 8 to 15 FPS.

6. What is the video resolution in the AC100?

Depending on the network connection, the video resolution varies from 640x480 to 1920x1080.

7. Does the AC100 need to be connected to the internet in order to work?

Yes, the AC100 needs to be connected to the internet in order to work.

8. How do I connect to Wi-Fi through AC100?

Refer to the Quickstart Guide in your package, or see the Wi-Fi section in our online manual.

9. How do I send media files through AireCenter?

To send media files, see the Share Media section in our online manual.

10. How do I view/retrieve the files I receive and download?

To view/retrieve files you have received and downloaded, see the AireFolder section in our online manual.

11. Does the AC100 support Bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

Unfortunately, the AC100 currently does not support Bluetooth devices. It only support USB keyboards and mice.

12. How can I add more USB cameras to my AC100?

Currently, the AC100 only supports the camera built into the device.

13. How large can the files pushed from AireShare to AireCenter be?

The file size is limited to 100MB.

14. How many people can join a conference call?

For an audio conference call, up to 15 people can participate. For a video conference, up to 5 people can join, depending on your your network's performance.

Warranty and Support

1. How long is the warranty for AireCenter and what does it cover?

PingShow provides a one-year limited warranty. Please refer to the warranty policy in the package, or view the warranty policy online.

2. If I have a need for customer service who should I contact?

Please call 408-599-3030, or email

3. If I want to return my AireCenter AC100 box how should I proceed?

Please first call customer support at 408-599-3030, and refer to the warranty policy in your package or view our warranty policy online.

4. What is the return/refund policy?

Please refer to the warranty policy in the package, or view the warranty policy online.

Purchase and Subscription

1. What services are free and what services have a fee?

Free services include all AireTalk in-app features: 1:1 voice and video calls, media/file sharing, location sharing, walkie talkie, voice messaging, CB Radio, and audio conference call.

Paid services include AireSecurity and out-network phone calling to a landline or mobile phone through AireCall.*

*For AireCall pricing, open AireTalk and go to AireCall. Dial in a phone number, and a rate-per-minute price will appear for that number.

2. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all credit card payments.

3. Does AireSecurity automatically charge my credit card?

If you decide to continue with the AireSecurity service after the initial three-month trial, the system will automatically charge your credit card on file semi-annually.

4. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to AireSecurity?

When you activate AireTalk within AireCenter you will receive a free three-month trial of AireSecurity. After the free trial is over, you have the opportunity to continue for a monthly fee of $7.95, or an annual fee of $79.50, or discontinue AireSecurity.

To unsubscribe to AireSecurity, please call the customer support line at 408-599-3030, and we will be happy to discontinue the service for you.

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